Fran y Tomas
Characters Shipped Tomas Heredia and Francesca Caviglia
Status Close friends, Exes
Rivals Marcesca, Franletta
Portrayed By Pablo Espinosa and Lodovica Comello
 Tomcesca (Tom/as and Fran/cesca) is the friendship/romantic pairing between Tomas Heredia and Francesca Caviglia.

Tomas sees Francesca just as a friend, but Francesca is in love with him and she tried to keep that secret. Ludmila and Violetta alos like Tomas, and when one of them are around Tomas the other two get really annoyed!

For the real-life pairing between Pablo Espinosa and Lodovica Comello, see Pablovica.


In Season 1, Tomas worked at Resto Band, which Francesca and her brother Luca ran, and Francesca had a big crush on him. Then one day, he met Violetta by catching her and then he meets Ludmila. All three girls like him. But his heart is only on one and that is Violetta. Tomas sees Francesca as a good friend, however Fran loves him!



  • Both worked at Resto Band for a while.
  • Both can play the guitar.
  • Both don't usually play the piano.
  • Both have a relationship with Violetta, Francesca is her best friend and Tomas is one of her love interests.
  • Both have black hair.
  • Both have a big passion for music.


  • Francesca dislikes Ludmila but Tomas likes her.
  • Francesca has a brother but Tomas doesn't have any siblings.
  • Francesca loves Tomas, but he only sees her as a friend.
  • Francesca falls in love a lot but Tomas doesn't.
  • Francesca is Leon's friend, but Tomas is his enemy.
  • Francesca continues to study at the Studio, but Tomas leaves the Studio.

Other Names

  • Tomesca (Tom/as and Franc/esca)
  • Franas (Fran/cesca and Tom/as)
  • Fomas (F/rancesca and T/omas)
  • Franmas (Fran/cesca and To/mas)
  • Fromas (Fr/ancesca and T/omas)


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