Tomas Goldschmidt
General Information
Full name Tomas Goldschmidt
Nicknames Tommy (by everyone)
Tom (by Lodo)
Gender Male
Birthday July 2, 1990
Age 25
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Occupation Producer
 Tomas Goldschmidt and Lodovica Comello are officially dating! The two exchanged messages and photos through social networks, but had never made ​​anything official, but this month of January 1, an Italian Magazine wrote a story for the "Violetta Romances" section where they talked about other couples that exist between the actors of Violetta. They confirmed it and said they are officially dating! We think they make a cute couple, don't you?


  • He is Lodovica Comello's husband
  • He's born on July 2, 1990
  • Tomas and Lodovica got married on April 1

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