Characters Shipped Lodovica Comello and Martina Stoessel
Status Best Friends
Rivals Lodelaria

Mardovica (Mar/tina and Lo/dovica) is the real-life pairing of Martina Stoessel and Lodovica Comello.

They are really close friends, just like their characters.

For the pairing in the series of Violetta Castillo and Francesca Caviglia, see Franletta.


  • Both have more than one tattoo.
  • Both are actresses, dancers and singers.
  • They are both part of Violetta's main cast.
  • Both are actresses, singers and dancers.
  • Lodovica is married to Tomas Goldschmidt, and Martina is single.
  • Both can speak Spanish.
  • Martina is Argentinean and Lodovica is Italian.
  • Lodovica is 25 and Martina is 18.
  • Martina has brown hair and Lodovica has black hair.
  • They're both working on a solo career.
  • Lodovica has released two solo albums, while Martina is working on her first solo album.
  • Sometimes, Lodovica helps Martina with her homework, along with Jorge Blanco and Mercedes Lambre.
  • Both ship Franletta.
  • Both have an older sibling.


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