Characters Shipped Candelaria Molfese and Lodovica Comello
Status Best Friends
Rivals Mardovica

Lodelaria (Lod/ovica and Cand/elaria) is the pairing of Candelaria Molfese and Lodovica Comello.

They are best friends on and off of the set of Violetta and they like spending time with eachother.

For the pairing in the series of Camila Torres and Francesca Caviglia, see Camcesca.


  • They are best friends on the series Violetta
  • Both are part of Violetta's main cast.
  • Both are good friends with Martina Stoessel and Facundo Gambandé.
  • Both are actresses and singers.
  • Both are currently in a relationship. Candelaria is dating Ruggero Pasquarelli and Lodovica is dating an Argentinean producer called Tomas Goldschmidt.
  • Both are fluent in Spanish.
  • Lodovica is Italian and Candelaria is Argentinian.
  • Lodovica has black hair, but Candelaria has brown hair.
  • Lodovica is married but Candelaria isn't.
  • They both are 25.


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