Francesca Caviglia
Fran s3
General Information
Full name Francesca Cavigila
Nicknames Fran (by everyone)
Gender Female
Birthday January 1995
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Black
Occupation In Studio On Beat
' Francesca Caviglia 'is a nice, friendly, caring and very loyal girl who loves her family and friends very much. She has a big passion for music.Her best friends are ViolettaCamila, Maxi and her boyfriend is Diego.

Francesca is portrayed by Lodovica Comello.


Francesca is a nice, smart, caring, sweet, loyal girl and a very good friend. She comes from Italy and she moved to Buenos Aires because of the family business, Resto Band. There, she discovers her passion for music, joins the Studio On Beat and makes new friends and a whole new life. She loves her family and friends more than anything else in this world, and is always ready to give a helping hand. She loves her best friends Violetta, Camila, Maxi and her boyfriend, Diego.


  • Sometimes German confuses her with Camila.
  • She is Italian.
  • She has a big passion for music.
  • Her best friends are Violetta, Camila and Maxi.
  • She is currently dating Diego Hernández.
  • She's a very good singer and dancer.
  • In Season 2, she was dating Marco.
  • Most people call her "Fran", which is her nickname as well.
  • She speaks Italian when she feels sad, angry or nervous.
  • She speaks Italian and Spanish fluently.
  • She is the only Italian girl in Violetta.
  • She once mentioned that she has a grandmother, who lives in Rome.


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