Diego Domínguez
General Information
Full name Diego Domínguez Llort
Gender Male
Birthday October 13, 1991
Age 24
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Occupation Singer
Years active 2003-present
 Diego Domínguez Llort, (born October 13, 1991) is a Spanish actor and singer. He is best known for portraying Diego Hernández on the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta.

Life and Career

Diego was born on October 13, 1991 under the sign of Libra in Zaragoza, Spain. He participated in the TVE1 program "Eurojunior" in the band of 3+2 (Tres mas Dos) but they were not chosen to represent Spain, they were among the finalists.

The band continued until 2007, when Blanca Liquete Marcos left the group. Ursula Amores (participant of Eurojunior 2003) replaced her spot. After the 2007 tour with the new component, 3+2 began to dissolve and each of them took new paths.

In 2009, Diego and María Jesús formed "Juego De Dos", and on March 19 of that year, they released their first self-titled group title. After about two years, both of them decided to break up the group and take separate paths in their lives.

Diego currently portrays Diego Hernández on the Disney Channel Original Latin American Series, Violetta , and he is also dating his co-star, Clara Alonso  who plays Angie Carrará.


  • Diego is currently dating Clara Alonso  who plays Angie Carrará in Violetta
  • He has 3 tattoos.
  • His fans are called "Dieguistas".
  • He was born in Zaragoza, and he has been living in Madrid for 3 years.
  • One of his favorite moments on Violetta was when he came to Violetta's house, but Ramallo, Olga and Angie had to hide him from Herman.
  • He smokes. 
  • Just like Pablo Espinosa , Diego appeared in the Spanish TV-show "Física o química" (Physics or Chemistry).
  • He's the third Spainard to appear in the main cast; the first ones were Pablo Espinosa and Alba Rico.
  • Diego had a minor role in the Spanish movie "Cien Años de Perdón" (10 years of pardon)
  • In 2016, Diego won the Melty Future Awards, called "Cool Of The Year".

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