Clara Alonso
General Information
Full name María Clara Pancha Alonso
Nicknames Clari Alonso
Gender Female
Birthday February 2, 1990
Age 26
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Occupation Singer, actress, dubbing actress, dancer, model
Years active 2007-present
 María Clara Pancha Alonso, (born February 2, 1990) is an Argentine actress, dubbing actress, singer, television hostess and model. She currently portrays Angie Carrará in the Disney Channel series Violetta.

Life and Career

Clara was born on February 2, 1990 in Rosario, Argentina. When she was only two years old, she and her family moved to Capitán Bermúdez, which is a smaller city outside of Rosario. When she was eight she moved to Buenos Aires with her family. She has two younger brothers: Agustín and Ignacio. Her mother is a pediatrician and pulmonary specialist and her father is an engineer. Since childhood she practiced gymnastics, swimming, dance, musical theater, singing, and acting. She attended the Institute Inmaculada de Castelar, and she also went to a school of musical theatre called "Broadway Street" in Buenos Aires, where she participated in several plays such asAlice in Wonderland in the Astral theater. When she was 19, she moved out of her parents' house and now lives in Buenos Aires.

She portrays Angie Carrará on the Disney Channel Original Series Violetta.


  • She was a hostess on Zapping Zone, a Latin American series, for nearly four years, along with Diego Álcala.
  • She had met Jorge Blanco  before Violetta because Clara was one of the main cast in Highway: Rondando la Aventura and Jorge guest starred in episode 10.
  • She voices the character Bea in the Spanish version of Fish Hooks.
  • She's been selected to play a role in the Argentine version High School Musical: El Desafío.
  • She has released a single called 'A Mi Alrededor' (All Around Me).
  • She can play tennis.
  • She portrayed the character "Clari" on Highway: Rondando la Aventura, a mini-series on Disney Channel Latin America.
  • When she was a child she played field hockey and volleyball but she gave up sports in order to attend the "Boardway Street" school of musical theatre.
  • Her zodiacal sign is Aquarius.
  • The relationship between her and Martina Stoessel  is very like the one between Angie and Violetta on the show.
  • She attended primary school at Cayetano Errico.
  • She is dating Diego Domínguez, who plays Diego in Season 2 of Violetta
  • Her family originates from Spain.
  • Her favorite music genre is Jazz. 
  • Her favorite characters in Violetta are Naty and Jade.
  • In her freetime she likes to hang out with her friends.
  • The name Clara means 'clear' or 'bright'.
  • She has parachuted out of an airplane before. 
  • Her fans are called "Clarináticas".

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