Candelaria Molfese
General Information
Full name Candelaria Molfese
Nicknames Cande Molfese
Gender Female
Birthday January 3, 1992
Age 25
Eye color Black
Hair color Ginger
Occupation Actress, Dancer, Singer
Years active 2012-present
 Candelaria Molfese, (born January 3, 1992) is an Argentine actress, singer and dancer. She is best known for portraying Camila Torres on the Disney Channel Original Series Violetta .

Life and Career

She started her artistic career when she was young, taking singing, piano, comedy, acting and dancing lessons. She also starred in several plays including PocahontasHérculesLa Sirenita and La Comedia. In 2013, Candelaria and the cast of Violetta went on the Latin American and European tour, Violetta En Vivo.

She is also an ambassador for the Disney Channel Latin America campaign, Amigos Por el Mundo, along with Jorge Blanco , Nicolás Garnier and several others. Her project is "sending a message of peace".

She currently plays the character Camila Torres on the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta.


  • She is an ambassador of "Disney Amigos por el Mundo" (the Latin American version of Disney's Friends for Change), along with her Violetta co-stars Jorge Blanco  and Nicolás Garnier.
  • She and her character Camila both have a name that starts with "C".
  • Her zodiacal sign is Capricorn.
  • She has a dog called Rocky.
  • Violetta was her first television appearance.
  • The name Candelaria means 'candle'. 
  • Her favorite moment of Violetta en Vivo is when everyone sang "Ser Mejor" together. 
  • She is the youngest in her family. 
  • She has 4 older sisters. 
  • Her fans are usually called "Candistas" or "Molfesistas".
  • She was born in Buenos Aires.

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