• DanceMomsLover27


    May 6, 2016 by DanceMomsLover27

    Hey I'm new to the wiki so hey!

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  • DanceMomsLover27

    I think we should make some pairings on this wiki like

    Tomas and Lodo 

    Lodo and Tini

    Cande and Lodo

    Stuff like that Pairings basically

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  • DanceMomsLover27


    April 27, 2016 by DanceMomsLover27

    Hi I'm DanceMomsLover27 aka Zoey. 

    I love Maddie Ziegler and Lodovica Comello. Visit me on other wikis

    Maddie Ziegler Wiki

    Violetta Wiki

    Violetta Fanon Wiki

    Miraculous Ladybug

    Thx for reading 

    Message me anytime 

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  • Rachelkawaii

    So yesterday, April 13th was Lodovica's 24th birthday. And both Candelaria Molfese, Valeria Baroni and Ruggero Pasquarelli wishes her a happy birthday on Twitter and Facebook. And Jorge Blanco made a Vine for her. Have you seen it yet? It's hilarious. Happy birthday Lodo, we all love you.

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